We are an edible crystal shop that comes from the Japanese tradition (Kohakutou).

This word means crystal candies, this because of the asmr noise that you make when you bite into them.

These are artisanal sweets made from fresh fruit purées and vegetable seaweed.

The texture of our edible crystals may resemble that of fruit jelly, except for the crispy exterior due to the crystallization of the sugar which gives them a real crystal appearance.

For the creation of our edible crystals we use fresh fruit purees, which allows us to avoid an overly sweet and completely natural delicacy.

Our edible crystals are carefully hand-packed in recycled "eco Friendly" and FSC certified cardboard jewelry boxes.

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We use vegetable seaweed to make our sweets accessible to everyone.

Gluten free

The fruit purees we use do not contain additives or preservatives, which allows us to create gluten-free pastries.

Order processed within 48 hours

We seek to reduce our carbon emissions by using Colissimo and Chronopost2Shop services.

Our history

Quartz was born from the idea of wanting to create a unique but affordable product. We were inspired by Japanese culture, Kohakotou, crystals made of sugar and Agar-Agar which was served with tea, to create our version. My course in starred gastronomy allows me to have a different approach and make these crystals even more incredible.

Gift ideas

Our edible crystals are made above all to be shared and sharing also means giving. Whether it's for a dinner organized for your friends, for your wedding guest gifts or simply to wish a happy birthday to someone close to you, our sweets are suitable for all types of events thanks to their packaging that makes them look like real jewelry.

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